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Homemade Candles Scented & Unscented Candles - Especially Candles carries a nice selection of high quality handmade candles at very affordable prices. Flat shipping rate on all orders. Candle Holders and Accessories, and access to some of the web's best candle and candle related sites.

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Fundraiser Candles - Candle Fundraisers - Resource for the web's best fundraiser candle sites. Handmade candles, retail candles, earn substantial money for your charitable cause with candles.

Free Instant One Way Backlinks : Multiple Reciprocal Link Exchange - Exchange links with 10 candle related websites, 1 missing child page, and 1 link exchange site. Submit your site for instant inclusion in our directory. No hassle, no asking or waiting. All links are kept on indexed subdomains and are one way links.

Candle Holders : Candle Accessories - Find hundreds of unique, decorative, and interesting candle holders and accessories. You'll find pewter, wrought iron, wire, hanging candle holders, as well as candle lamps and candle lanterns.

Candle Making Supplies : Candlemaking How To - Leading resource for all your candle making needs. You'll find everything from tips on how to get started making candles to resources for the pros looking to purchase wholesale candle making supplies in bulk.

Candles, Candle Supplies, Candle Making, Candle Accessories - This is your top resource for all of your candle needs. If your candle product isn't listed, or your question isn't answered by browsing this site, then just contact them, and get answers to all your candle related questions.

Tart Warmers/Burners : Oil Warmers/Burners - Find a nice selection of unique,decorative, and interesting tart warmers and oil burners. Also available are tart warming candles, tarts, and resources offering essential oils.

Handmade Candles- Here you will find an assortment of fine hand made candles. Additionally, you will find a very large resource to some of the web's best kept candle makers. Any type of hand poured candle you are looking for can be found through this site.

Retail Candles Decorative - Find a variety of unique, interesting, and decorative candles. Here is a selection of scented and unscented candles, holiday candles, and inscribed candles. All are at reasonable prices, and shipping is a flat rate for all orders.

Specialty Candles : Candle Gifts/Baskets - A leading resource for all of your candle gift giving needs. Find personalized candles, candle gift baskets, specialty candles, candle favors and more.

Wholesale Candles : Wholesale Candleholders - Find a variety of wholesale candles and candle accessories at wholesale prices. Minimum order of $200, priced at 60% of retail, and every wholesale order is shipped 100% FREE, making your actual cost around 40-45% of retail. Make money selling candles and candle holders, or save money in your gift giving ventures.

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